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The Star Express Logistics division with a fleet of over 350 vehicles is a continuous 24 hour operation, providing an inter-depot service for the purpose of distribution as well as a point to point service. All our drivers are carefully selected and trained to ensure the safety of your cargo on route. We also select the type of vehicle best suited for the safe delivery of the cargo.

  • Fast delivery

    A comprehensive distribution network has been established servicing all areas nationwide and cross border to Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland. Our daily operations include deliveries to all major shopping centres and malls throughout the country as well as overnight road freight services.

  • secured service

    Our years of experience have enabled us to tailor the high level of facilities and services that we offer, to meet our many clients individual and varied requirements. Our facilities have been purpose built to resist fire, flood and every form of modern criminal attack. Electronic surveillance and alarm systems are monitored by our fully trained security personnel, whilst your valuables are housed within our highly secure concrete and steel vaults which are temperature controlled at all times.

  • worldwide shipping

    We provide multidisciplinary and comprehensive professional services that enable our clients to succeed across a wide range of goals regardless of size, scope or complexity


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The company is being managed efficiently by a team of well experienced and professionally qualified personnel in their respective fields of activity.
The company's management comprises of Directors and Managers who have vast experience in shipping and its allied activities, cargo operations, total logistics and general business management.


Indeed you guys proved your worth. i am happy i got to know Star Express Logistics

Cindy Brown


I wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to Star Express Logistics

Joe Wise


Words can not express how i feel about you guys, Star Express Logistics rocks!

Bushra Ahsani


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